Avoid Emotional Involvement When Selling Your Toronto House

Avoid Emotional Involvement When Selling Your Toronto House

It’s hard to stay detached and level-headed when getting ready to sell the place you’ve called home for so long, but keeping emotions out of the process will help make it easier to sell your home. Here are some common pitfalls to avoid as you get ready to sell.

1. Remove Significant Pieces to Stage the Home

Antique or heirloom pieces of furniture might hold special significance to you, but for buyers with no connection to these pieces, they clutter the area and make it hard to envision a new layout in the space. Place these pieces in storage or at a friend’s home until you are done showing the home.

2. Educate Yourself on Current Demographics

If you’ve lived in the same home for decades, you may not be up to date on the current advantages the neighborhood offers, like new school options, parks and nearby up and coming areas where buyers can enjoy socializing with other locals. Informing yourself about the area will help you highlight these selling points to potential buyers.

3. Look At The Home With New Eyes

It can be hard to look at the place you love with unbiased eyes, but try to be critical as you look at the exterior. Small imperfections that you have grown used to can jump out at people who are just seeing the house for the first time. Curb appeal can make a real difference in the first impression potential buyers have when they pull up to the house. There are several small, affordable things you can do to make the home look more appealing from the outside, including:

  • Power washing the home’s surface, driveway and walkway to remove any caked on dirt or pollen
  • Adding plants or flowers to the front garden or pathway
  • Emptying or repairing any full or sagging gutters that draw the eye away from the roof line

4. Create a Blank Slate

The personal touches you’ve put on the home help you feel like the space belongs to you, but they can also distract potential buyers from the possibilities that exist between your walls. Consider painting the main rooms of your living space in a neutral color to help the space feel more open, brighter and easier for a buyer to personalize to their taste.

If you’re looking to get expert help and unbiased opinions as you start the process of selling your home, contact Lilford Taylor today. Our team can help you stay level headed as you place the home for sale and market it to the perfect buyer.


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