Find a Good Realtor in Toronto – The 5 Step Process

Find a Good Realtor in Toronto – The 5 Step Process

With many realtors advertising their services, it can be hard to find a good realtor in Toronto, particularly if you’ve never used one before. Doing some research and having clear expectations as you enter the process will help you find the right realtor to work with you.

1. Look for the best candidate

Instead of choosing the first realtor you come across, take some time to compile a list of potential candidates. Doing a little independent research is key to finding a good realtor in Toronto. Ask friends and family members for recommendations, research local firms with good reviews or watch videos on social media to see which realtors seem like a good match for you.

2. Get to know your potential realtors

Once you have a short list compiled, you can learn a little more about each realtor or make appointments to meet them face to face. Ask any important questions that might factor into your decision, like how long the realtor has been in business, what price they recommend listing your home at based on recent local sales.

3. Evaluate each one’s experience and approach

Some realtors rely on traditional methods, like print advertising and open houses, to get potential buyers into your home. Others use digital marketing tactics, like a video walk through or virtual tour, to help buyers feel like they are in your home without disrupting your day to day life. Get to know each potential realtors’ approach so you can evaluate whether it matches your lifestyle and expectations.

4. Discuss your expectations

If you have plans for the future, chances are they depend on the home you currently live in selling quickly or for a certain amount of money. Let your realtor know up front what your expectations are so he can let you know if they are realistic. If the realtor does not feel that your goals are realistic and offers advice about why, take it into consideration before you list the home. With experience and knowledge of the local market, the advice a realtor gives about pricing, staging or repairs can be invaluable.

5. Stay in contact throughout the process

After you list your home, you may have questions or change your mind about what terms you want for the sale. Be sure to communicate these changes to your realtor, so he can adjust his approach and give you accurate answers to your inquiries. This will help avoid any miscommunications down the line.

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