4 Important Things To Consider When Making a List of Home Features You Want

4 Important Things To Consider When Making a List of Home Features You Want

Everyone has priorities when they’re purchasing a home. Because the home-buying process is complex, takes time, and it's easy to get off-track, Making a List of Home Features you Want should be your first priority. Not only will this list help keep you organized, but it will also help your real estate agent understand how you’re prioritizing things.

The Home's Location

If the home doesn't have easy access to where you work, your children attend school, and everything else you do, then it isn't ideal. The location should have good access to main roads where the traffic flow doesn't have too much congestion.

Some people also prefer locations where the lot is close to recreation areas, parks, and community pools. Others would rather be at the end of a cul-de-sac where it's quiet. So, be sure to check the neighborhood out to ensure it meets your requirements.

The Property's Size

While the size of the home is a priority ranking high on many people's lists, the size of the lot or property should also be taken into consideration. If you're looking at a neighborhood, lot sizes will probably be similar.

Once you start looking at homes and properties, you'll discern if you want a small or large lot. You'll also determine if you prefer one on the corner or interior. It all depends on how much privacy, lawn, and driveway you want


Number of Bedrooms You Need

Families moving into a new home already have an idea of how many bedrooms they need. Typically, if there are no children, two bedrooms are ideal. However, if there are children, that number increases. Some families have their children share rooms while others have separate rooms to accommodate privacy and different bedtimes.

If you have visitors staying regularly, then adding a guest bedroom is ideal. The extra room could double as an exercise room, office, or playroom. You could also use the extra room to accommodate a hobby or for storage.

Number of Bathrooms You Need

You may have a preference for how many bathrooms your future home should have, as well. If you're looking at older homes, you'll find that they'll have one, and you'll need to add one in the future if you can't live with that.

The bathroom's size and style are also factors to consider. Are you looking for a bathroom with a shower and tub combination, or do you want them to be separate? Do you want another half-bath, or do you need another shower? Consider these things when Making a List of Home Features you Want.

Final Thoughts

Your real estate agent will appreciate the time you take when you’re Making a List of Home Features you Want. These details will help keep you on track and prepare you for homeownership.


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