Six Tips for a Fast Sale of Your Home

Six Tips for a Fast Sale of Your Home

Selling a home comes with mixed emotions. Change can be both exciting and intimidating, and there’s certainly a lot of work that goes into the selling process. Regardless, no one wants to have a home on the market indefinitely. That’s why you need these six tips for a fast sale of your Toronto home.

Change the Layout

Staging is often considered one of the best techniques for selling a home. If you’re still living in yours, that makes staging a little more complicated. It’s common for people to move furniture against the walls and do unique configurations that accommodate your lifestyle. When it’s time to show the house, presentation is everything (you’ll hear this again). Try to conform to modern layout trends. Put some furniture in storage if you must. An open, pretty staging is your best friend.

Clean it Again

Obviously. You clean your house to show it. But, since presentation is everything, you should clean it again. Make the place sparkle. Or, in less ambiguous terms, you need to remove every aesthetic decorator possible. This means no pet hair. Stubborn stains that have plagued you for years have to be managed. The place needs to look like an absolute showroom.

Make the Cheap Improvements

Not every problem can be scrubbed into submission. In some cases, a fresh coat of paint, new carpet, a new rug or a little landscaping can do what cleaning can’t. You don’t have to spend thousands on upgrading the home, but spending a few hundred on major aesthetic upgrades will pay for itself very easily.

Learn Some Marketing

People shop for houses online. Sure, you’ll have pictures and online listings, but that’s where this begins. Use social media for all it’s worth. More importantly, build your online marketing around mobile users. For the most part, potential buyers will see your house for the first time on their phones. Cater to that. A good mobile experience is how you get people to your house. It’s the first step.

Learn the Market

So far, we haven’t mentioned the listing price. There’s a lot you can do to sell a home quickly without slashing your listing, but there are limits. You have to do your homework and know the value of your home in your neighborhood. The price you want to get for your home and what it’s worth today won’t always agree. This is the hard part, but there’s no getting around it.

Get Help

By all means, real estate agents have a lot to offer. More than that, you can get feedback all the time. Start with friends and family. They’ll help you notice small things you can change to improve how you show and market the house. Don’t stop there. Plenty of people should be looking at your house. Only one will buy it. All of those non-buyers have reasons for their decision. You should ask about those reasons. Plenty of them won’t lead to changes you make, but some will.

Follow these tips and your Toronto home is sure to sell faster without you having to slash the asking price.


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